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Optimizing the use of your equipment and having sound procedures for the process and sanitation are the key to success. We are committed to delivering expert guidance in the area of the Brewing Processes and sound Business Financial Controls.


Your success depends on attention to detail, process knowledge, sanitation and sound financial controls.

As a professional brewing consultant, I can provide project management skills, technical reviews of your Brewing, Quality Control, and Packaging Requirements to assist you in obtaining your final product objectives.

My main objectives in any start-up or expansion: Train brewing staff in Sanitation, Proper and safe use of the equipment, Brewing science as it relates to the process and equipment, Production scheduling, Safety, Good Manufacturing Practices and especially sound Financial Controls.

The brewers main objective should be: to consistently make a fresh, clean, crisp, tasting brew, which is unadulterated, at a reasonable price and with the highest profit margin possible. One change, misstep or neglected detail in the process today can generate massive headaches tomorrow in the final product, resulting in loss of reputation, sales and profits. But more importantly, your product may get only one chance to be experienced by a customer. Upon the first sip, it is imperative to provide that GREAT first impression every time.

A qualified brewer needs to understand, through every step of the process, what needs to be accomplished and how the equipment enables the brewer to get the job done.

Breweries that produce an inferior product won't last long.  It is the knowledge of brewing chemistry, the equipment, and process controls that will make or break you.

Starting a brewery or wanting to expand?

It has been profoundly said that “The expanding craft brewing industry has created demand for specialized equipment and skilled brewers. Many steel fabricators have taken on the task of producing breweries. Unfortunate to the brewing industry is the lack of knowledge of the brewing process and modern brewery design as these new start-ups turn to these manufacturers and suppliers for guidance. Poor craftsmanship, design and advice from the small brewery suppliers have fostered the high numbers of poor quality beers on the market today.”