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Quality Matters

Regardless whether you are starting up a new brewery, expanding an existing one, or trying to get better control of your costs, I have the experience to make a difference.

As a professional brewing and business consultant in North Carolina, I provide business planning, project management, training and technical reviews of your Brewing, Quality Control, and Packaging Requirements.  Trouble shooting is a major asset in these situations.  With experience in two major brewery start-ups, coupled with a sound Scientific and Business background, many of the major hurdles can be eliminated.

Areas of service:

  • Develop step by step Brewing Procedures to ensure consistency and repeatability.
  • Product Costing.  This will let you know how much your product will  costs to make.  The cost of ingredients, labor, packaging materials, etc. are a necessary factors in operating an efficient and profitable brewing operation.

  • Assist with the brewery sizing, configuration design, equipment costing and evaluation.  Determine the number and sizes of fermentation tanks and finish beer tanks required to brew initial production rates and future expansions.

  • Assess Manufacturer’s Quotes, line by line, to confirm their quotes match your operational needs.

  • Identify Ingredient Suppliers, brewhouse aides, filtration supplies, etc., necessary for a smooth operation

  • Assist the brewery with brewing procedures, training, start up brewing trials and trouble shooting.
  • Establish QC Minimum Testing Programs for ingredients, brewing and packaging materials.
  • Project Management
  • Cost Controls for greater profitability
  • Business Turn-around and Restructuring​
  • Operational Reorganization